Mental Health : How Does Depression Feels Like?

World Health Organization: "Depression:  leading cause of illness worldwide and is a major contributor to the global burden of disease" 

In Malaysia, 29% of Malaysians suffers from depression and anxiety (2017 National Health and Mortality rates Survey). Do this mean that 1 of 3 Malaysians have depression and anxiety disorders? So each time I meet with 2 of my friends, either one of us has it? Remember that urban myth that said if you take a picture of 3 persons together, the one in the middle will die? Okay, sorry to digress. Thought I was almost about to arrive at some great numerical finding. 

I don't think I have ever really been depressed or undergo depression seriously. I was, suicidal for some point but that's not from being sad at all. I was fleetingly suicidal, and that came from being magnanimously lazy to do anything about everything and being so tired to continue, not about running away from the pain. It's perfectly logical to make a decision to die any…

Mental Health : Finding And Loving Yourself

Hey everyone, mental health is something that needs more awareness and engagements. The movie Joker brought some attention to the issue of mental health (though I will never agree any crime can be justified, especially done with no remorse), timely since it is very important in these days and age to at least know what mental health is all about. I was thinking that talking, or rather writing about this might even solve my own mental issues. I know I have anxiety and at times, depression. But for quite some time, I haven't been depressed at all and this is quite refreshing. 

Well, 2019 is the year I found myself. I know this because there is a big difference in me that I noticed. I did not care what people said about me. Prior to this, it didn't matter as much as too but when people say anything about me (mostly bad), it affects me that I can go round thinking about anything else for hours or even days. I have not had a depressing night sleep for at the same time too. I go throu…

Are Malays really that racist?

Now, before we go further into this, let me clear some things first. Just like the Democratic Action Party of Malaysia is, I am NOT a racist. I am a multi-racial, centre-left Malaysian person advocating social democracy and secularism, social justice, progressivism, and multi-racialism. I hold the Malaysian Constitution supreme, observe the rule of law and a Malaysian at heart. I have Chinese, Indian, Iban, Sabahans, Singh, dan lain lain friends. Friends that I grew up with, went to school, worked, lived life with and sometimes more than that, sometimes less.

I am also partially a "Pendatang":

My grandfather came to Malaysia when he was 16 years old. He took a trip on a ship from Hadhramout, Yemen to Singapore and got a job there, trading gold. 2 years later, he got married to my grandmother, pictured here in their wedding picture. — Rakyat: will be back next year. (@twt_malaysia) March 4, 2019  My s…